Well, Chris and the other Vigilantes are off to Nigeria- they have arrived in Frankfurt as of right now, and might be on their way to Jos by now- I get so confused with all the time difference.

I’m so proud of my husband- he’s such a good man.  He loves Jesus with all his heart and can’t imagine doing something that isn’t filtered through much prayer and thought.  I even get annoyed with it sometimes because I want a decision NOW.  Such is why we are married;)  God knows what he’s doing when he brings opposites together.  Not that all marrieds are opposites, but we sure are.

Back to Nigeria…when he gets there he will start on a huge project to bring a better wireless network to a country that doesn’t have running water in some parts!  It sounds crazy I know, but it’s really not.  Even in this country people have cell phones and computers…and people need a reliable network.  And, so he goes.  But his calling is not to make millions off of this, but to send those profits straight to the orphanage that Back 2 Back is running.  Isn’t God good?  That he would use this crazy technology to help those the world has forgotten…just like Him.  Love it.

We’ve got 10 more days to go, so I will be writing this down as we progress and as I get info from around the world.

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I just don’t know where to begin.  A sweet friend has been diagnosed with cancer.  Not just any cancer, breast cancer, and at age 32 I might add- stage 3.  Suddenly the last few days have seemed to take on new meaning.  My kids aren’t as irritating, delightful even.  My perspective has changed in a huge way and I am somewhat surprised at my reaction.  I mean I’m SAD of course, but it’s more than that.  It’s helpless I suppose.  Helpless to DO anything, and knowing this is one hard thing my friend is going to live through.  Her and her husband, and two daughters. I myself have 3 young kids and can’t imagine the thought of facing the possibility of leaving them.  Even a little bit.  And, yet, it happens in a flash.

I mean, I’ve known people with cancer before, mostly older, save one.  It’s not that those “older” people had any less life to live, but it’s just that they had lived MORE.  Their children were grown, their cars paid off, their homes full of only them and their spouse, and the remnants their kids won’t haul off.  Why does it seem more tragic when the C drops it’s bomb on those with more to DO, or say or feel.  And why do I even think the younger have more to do, or say or feel?  We don’t really know what our lives will hold.

Her attitude, like all cancer fighters I have met, is amazing.  She says “bring it” in it’s face.  She will do anything, I mean, ANYTHING to fight…and to win.

So- here’s to winning.  Many prayers for you friend.  And much support- whatever you need, whenever you need it.  He is, indeed, mighty to save.



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